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Louvered Roofs

We have built out louvers to rotate a hundred and eighty levels to create shade in almost any area. This lets you make the correct amount of shade regardless of the suns posture. The louvers are engineered to interlock when entirely closed, chaneling h2o into an integrated gutter process.


THE Amazing Answer

The Arcadia would make your space cooler with all the touch of a button, delivering an pleasant out of doors working experience with no blocking your watch with the sky. Both you and your attendees continue to be neat whilst limiting your exposure towards the rigorous Florida sunlight. With many necessitating defense within the destructive results of sun exposure, Arcadia is your SPF remedy.

THE Smart Option

The patented Arcadia program features a comprehensive compliment of advanced systems. The end result may be the fingertip management and dynamic reference to your outside area. Our new iLouver technolgy is usually a smartphone app that provides you with a wide variety of preset options (readily available Oct one, 2015).
Programable Smartphone App (obtainable 10/15)
Rain & Wind Sensors
Electric / Solar or Manual Operating Systems
Motorized Drive Technique (UL & CE Certified)

Post by theperfectpergola2 (2016-11-29 06:55)

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